Welcome to my Online Portfolio

This is the online comprehensive portfolio of Erika Hansen, artist name Akiree.

 This is a website to showcase the entirety of my costume creations.  To see my select portfolio please visit www.akiree.com

They span a period from about 1996 to the present, three colleges, several jobs plus personal projects.  There is also a small amount of Fine Art from 1992 until 1996.

Click on links below to view examples of my work:

School Projects

Professional Projects

Other Projects
San Diego Mesa College San Francisco Opera Personal
San Francisco State ReVamp High School
North Carolina School of the Arts North Carolina Shakespeare festival Palomar College
  North Carolina Scenic Studios Three Rivers College
  Swine Palace  
  Dark Garden  
  Ballet San Jose  
  Faerie Wear  

All photographs and artwork used on this website are copyrighted material.  It is unlawful to copy, alter, or in any other way use them without the expressed permission of the artists.


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